Stacy Aberle, “The WHOLE-istic Healing Artisan”

Conversing With Crystals

Have you ever wondered about crystals? What’s all the fuss? What’s the difference between and a crystal and a stone? How can they help me with my growth? What are their effects and how can I benefit from them? Stacy will help to deepen your understanding of this natural and ancient gift from Mother Earth. Get ready for an hour that will transcend your understanding, give you clarity and a deeper connection to these wise beings. Learn the tricks to harness their incredible yet subtle energy. In Stacy’s world, these Stone People have a story, a purpose and are there to enrich our lives, strengthen our energies and can even help give you that extra insight and determination that you may need to take that leap of faith, to heal or to cross any barriers that may be holding you back. This will be a one of a kind, soulFUL experience that you will never forget, giving YOU the power of the strength of the STONE PEOPLE! 


Stacy AberleStacy Aberle is a Native New Mexican, growing up in a diverse and Enchanted State before landing on the beautiful beaches of Florida over 10 years ago. Having vast experience in different cultures and travels, she incorporates the Native American path into her practice and spirituality, with the emphasis on Mother Earth, Spirituality and Balance. Stacy is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Florida, a Certified EMDR therapist and has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. This being said, she has found that Spirituality is the Life Force that is an integral part of the healing process. As a Psychotherapist, Empath, Intuit, Energy/Light Worker, Crystal Healer, Reiki Master and Artisan, she offers an eclectic range and combination of services that truly reflect her WHOLE- istic Healing Artisan Spirit. 

Her hope and goal is to share experiences, knowledge and truths, giving others hope that indeed life changes, puts obstacles in our way but we DO have a choice and free will on our Earth Walk and we are here to attain that freedom and live an authentic, real and fearless life. There are no mistakes in life, only experiences that help us evolve, learn and grow.

We CAN heal and come out on the other end through knowledge, accepting guidance and help and honoring our TRUE SELF, which many of us have struggled with due to low self esteem, abuse or other reasons that have injured our spirit. 

“Learning to love yourself is as important as learning to love one another.
Honor, value and LIVE your true soul and path as it was intended with NO apologies.
Rise up, dust yourself off and walk fearlessly with love, compassion and dedication to self.
As you do, miracles occur, healing takes place and understanding of your true spiritual journey begins! “